A news application through which you can learn and browse all the news that interests you by choosing the country and type of news with the ability to browse and add some news to your favorites

It is divided into three sections:

  1. The home page:
    it displays all the news of the country that you have chosen and the type of news, and when you click on any news, it takes you to a page with the full details of the news and a button that takes you to the source of the new

  1. Search:
    Here you can search for anything related to the news by typing the word you want to search for and then clicking on “Search” and it will display the results for the word you entere

  1. Favorites:
    When you click on the heart symbol in any of the news, the news is added to the favorites page.This page displays all the news that you have set as a favorite and is displayed without the Internet


  1. Rest API
  2. Retrofit
  3. MVVM
  4. Coroutines
  5. RX Java
  6. DataBinding
  7. Room Database
  8. Other Libraries



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