Map Drawing Manager

MDM is a library with the help of we can draw many different shapes like polygon, polyline and many more on the google map with editable mode.

Key Features:

  • Draw any shape by touch on map
  • Resize any shape by drag
  • Remove any individual or all shapes from map
  • Auto calculate the size of shapes drawn on map
  • Customize shapes properties like color, stroke etc
  • Easy callbacks for shapes draw, update and remove

Sample app using MDM:



  • Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories
   allprojects {
       repositories {
    	maven { url '' }
  • Add the dependency
    dependencies {
         implementation 'com.github.devendroid:MapDrawingManager:1.0.0'


// Simple Initialization
supportMapFragment.getMapAsync { googleMap ->
     val mapDrawingManager = MDMBuilder(baseContext).withMap(googleMap).build()
     mapDrawingManager?.removeListener = this //OnShapeRemoveListener
     mapDrawingManager?.drawListener = this //OnShapeDrawListener
     mapDrawingManager?.shapeType = ShapeType.POLYGON