AudLibPlayer is a library that allows a client to play from a collection of public domain audiobooks hosted on a web service. It supports the following actions:

  • playing
  • stopping
  • pausing
  • resuming
  • seeking
  • progress reporting

Binding to the service edu.temple.audlibplayer.PlayerService, found in this library, returns an instance of PlayerService.MediaControlBinder, which implements the following functions:

  • play(id: Int): Streams the audiobook for the provided ID via an internet connection
  • play(file: File): Begins playing the specified file
  • play(file: File, position: Int): Begins playing the specified file from the specified position in seconds
  • pause(): Pauses the currently playing audiobook, or plays the audiobook if paused
  • stop(): Stops the curently playing audiobook
  • setProgressHandler(progressHandler: Handler): Accepts a handler that will be used to provide progress updates. Message.obj will contain a PlayerService.BookProgress object representing the progress of the currently playing book thus far in seconds
    • int BookProgress.bookId is the ID of the currently playing book (if one is available)
    • int BookProgress.bookUri is the file Uri of the currently playing book (if one is available)
    • int BookProgress.progress is the progress of the currently playing book
  • seekTo(position: Int): Jumps to specified position in the current audiobook. Does not interrupt playback
  • isPlaying(): Boolean: Reports whether or not an audiobook is currently being played

Download the library here

To add it to your project:

  1. copy the aar file to your project’s app/libs folder
  2. add the line implementation files(‘libs/audlib-player.aar’) to your app module’s dependencies


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