GlassActionBar is an Android library which implements a glass-like effect for the action bar.

The three most commonly used action bar implementations are supported: stock (API >13), ActionBarCompat and ActionBarSherlock.

Live Demo

Including in your project

The library is pushed to Maven Central as a AAR, so you just need to add the following dependency to your build.gradle.

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.manuelpeinado.glassactionbar:glassactionbar:0.3.0'

Or if your project doesn't use the stock action bar, but one of the compatibility implementations, you would use the following:

dependencies {
    // Use the following if your project uses ActionBarCompat
    compile 'com.github.manuelpeinado.glassactionbar:glassactionbar-abc:0.3.0'
    // Or the following if your project uses ActionBarSherlock
    compile 'com.github.manuelpeinado.glassactionbar:glassactionbar-abs:0.3.0'