The word search

This is a home assignment used during the recruitment process at Lumera. This version is specific to Kotlin developers.
Your task is to implement a command line tool for lookups of words in a word dictionary file.

Searching for matching words

The words search tool searches the file wordlist.txt for words matching a word query. The “word query” consist of one
or more rules that specify the attributes that must be fulfilled for the returned words (logical AND). Each rule is
given a single argument.

Rules to implement

The following rules should be implemented:







Note – an isogram is a word where no character is used more than once. A palindrome is a word that reads the same
backwards. A semordnilap is a word that spells a different word backwards (a different word from the list).


  • “class=palindrome maxlength=8” would return all palindromes that are at most eight letters long.
  • “maxlength=3 minlength=3” would return all words that are exactly three letters long.
  • “endswith=abc endswith=bca” would return no words.
  • “startswith=ba” would return all words that start with the letters BA – like BAnana and BAth.
  • “containsonly=abcde” would return all words that are made up of the letters A, B, C, D and E – like “bad” and “decade”.


You should implement an extensible command line tool – it should be easy to introduce new rules later. The tool should
use input from the command line arguments to search the contents of wordlist.txt, and output matching words to stdout.

General guidelines

The task is expected to be implemented in roughly 2-5 hours. Zip your complete project directory (including build
scripts, source code and test resources) and send the zip file to us for evaulation. When evaulating the assignment, we
will look at:

  • Patterns and structure of the code.
  • Correctness of the solution.
  • Robustness of the solution (error handling, etc.).
  • Readability of the code.
  • Extensibility.
  • Test cases and testability of the code. We do not expect full test coverage, but a few test cases to show how test
    cases are implemented.

Good luck!


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