A highly optimized Paper/Airplane fork designed for large servers requiring both maximum performance, stability, and “enterprise” features.



  • Sentry Integration Easily track all errors coming from your server
  • Better Entity Performance Reduces the performance impact of entities by skipping useless work and making barely-noticeable changes
  • Partial Asynchronous Processing Partially offloads some heavy work to other threads where possible without sacraficing stability
  • Complete compatibility with any plugin compatible with Paper
  • And more coming soon…


You can download the latest JAR file here.

Pufferfish Host

Are you looking for a server hosting provider to take your server’s performance to the next level? Check out Pufferfish Host! We run only the best hardware so you can be sure that your server’s hardware isn’t bogging you down.
This fork is developed by Pufferfish Host, and we can provide additional tailored performance support to customers.


./gradlew build

Or building a Paperclip JAR for distribution:

./gradlew paperclip


Patches are licensed under GPL-3.0.
All other files are licensed under MIT.


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