Tachiyomi is a free and open source manga reader for Android.


Features include:

  • Online reading from sources such as KissManga, MangaFox, and more
  • Local reading of downloaded manga
  • Configurable reader with multiple viewers, reading directions and other settings
  • MyAnimeList, AniList, and Kitsu support
  • Categories to organize your library
  • Light and dark themes
  • Schedule updating your library for new chapters
  • Create backups locally to read offline or to your desired cloud service


Get the app from our releases page.

If you want to try new features before they get to the stable release, you can download the dev version here (auto-updates not included), or add our F-Droid repo.

Issues, Feature Requests and Contributing

Please make sure to read the full guidelines. Your issue may be closed without warning if you do not.

  1. Before reporting a new issue, take a look at the FAQ, the changelog and the already opened issues.
  2. If you are unsure, ask here: Discord
  • Include version (Setting > About > Version)
  • If not latest, try updating, it may have already been solved
  • Dev version is equal to the number of commits as seen in the main page
  • Include steps to reproduce (if not obvious from description)
  • Include screenshot (if needed)
  • If it could be device-dependent, try reproducing on another device (if possible)
  • For large logs use http://pastebin.com/ (or similar)
  • Don't group unrelated requests into one issue

DO: https://github.com/inorichi/tachiyomi/issues/24 https://github.com/inorichi/tachiyomi/issues/71

DON'T: https://github.com/inorichi/tachiyomi/issues/75

Feature Requests
  • Write a detailed issue, explaning what it should do or how. Avoid writing just "like X app does"
  • Include screenshot (if needed)

Catalogue requests should be created at https://github.com/inorichi/tachiyomi-extensions, they do not belong in this repository.