Proxer.Me Android

Proxer.Me Android is a client for the german Anime & Manga page Proxer.Me.
It features major functionalities including an anime player for various hosters and languages, a mobile-friendly vertical manga reader, offline synchronized chat and much more.

How to use it?

Build the project and install it on your device or download the latest release and install it on your device.

Building yourself

Assuming that you know how to use Git, have the Android SDK and the Java SDK installed, run the following commands:

  • git clone
  • cd ProxerAndroid

This app needs an API-key to work. You can request one from the admins at Proxer. You then need to create a file in the root of the project with the following contents:


This app offers two variants to build: debug and release.
It is strongly recommended to use the release variant as it is faster and does not log data.

Before building, generate a key for signing the app if you have none yet.
Add these fields to your file:

RELEASE_STORE_FILE = /path/to/the/keystore
RELEASE_STORE_PASSWORD = theKeystorePassword
RELEASE_KEY_PASSWORD = thePasswordForThatAlias

You can then build the app by running:

# Linux
./gradlew assembleRelease

# Windows
gradlew.bat assembleRelease

You can find the app in the app/build/outputs/apk/release/ folder.
A direct install of the app is possible for phones connected to your pc by running:

# Linux
./gradlew installRelease

# Windows
gradlew.bat installRelease

If you want to build the app for testing purposes in the debug variant, run:

# Linux
./gradlew assembleDebug

# Windows
gradlew.bat assembleDebug


News Anime List Manga List
news anime-list manga-list
Media Detail Manga Reader
media-detail manga
Anime Stream List Anime Player
anime-streams anime-play
Instant Chat Conference List Conference Detail
chat conference-list conference-info
Profile Profile Settings Profile History
profile ucp profile-history